House Decluttering So Far

This was the state of things in February 2018. Looking back it's pretty terrible. I think that the insides and the outsides reflect and influence each other. Getting the stuff inside my house sorted and organized and cleaned up is really helping me get some mental clarity and weight off my shoulders. The front yard picture is from 2017, but it didn't change much. In my life I have only been good at chipping away at big projects when it's for school or work, never when it's for myself to make big life changes. That's what this blog is all about though, I have big changes I want to make that cannot be done in a day or week or even a single year. I will have to get things in order and then actively MAINTAIN! I can't just get my yard all cleaned up and call it good, or get my house all cleaned up and call it good. It's my habits, my daily habits, that have brought me back to "needing to clean" again and again. I want to stop that cycle, so that's what this blog will be chronicleing: the process of maintaining habits and doing a little bit everyday towards Big Ass Goals. 

I still have a long ways to go, the primary things that I have taken care of are:

  • I sorted my clothes and got rid of ones that didn't bring me joy. Getting dressed in the morning is much easier because I'm picking from clothes that I genuinely like to wear. The hardest part is getting my layering right for the ever changing Spring weather and mostly-cold-but-sometimes-hot office. In order to sort the clothes, I pulled EVERYTHING out of the closet and piled on the table. (full disclosure, I haven't sorted the socks yet.)
  • Yard - I outsourced. Yard work is just not my forte, nor interest. Since I was a kid, just not my thing. Hiring a company do take care of that has been in the top 10 decisions of 2018. No regrets. Yes, it costs money ($167/mo to be exact, for the whole property) but it is worth is because I can spend my time doing things I enjoy. 
  • Living Room - I rearranged the furniture and the bookshelves. I have a dedicated game shelf and moved the dining table from the nook on the end of the kitchen (which was always too tight) and placed it in the living room. I got the mantle cleared off and have been pretty good avoiding putting things back up there. I have my decorations out and even have some succulent planters now!
  • No more bed, I got rid of the king size bed that caused me so much frustration in my tiny-ass bedroom. My mom has a queen size bed ready for me to pick up but I'm using this opportunity to repaint the bedroom, fix the wall/trim around the window that wasn't done when I had the window brought up to code... 4 years ago... I'm going to get everything set up the way I want it so that the room doesn't stress me out (ie. brings me joy). In the meantime, I've been sleeping on the couch, which really hasn't been so bad!


While these steps have taken WEEKS, it feels so good to take the tiny steps I have been taking. This is a big project. I'm not only decluttering my crap but also my life and my mindset, but that's a post for another time.


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